• Larry Summers Event

The Honorable Larry Summers

Director, National Economic Council | April 9, 2009
Discussed national economic policy.

Summers offered an upbeat outlook regarding the prospects for the beginning of economic recovery by the end of 2009 although he said that job growth might continue to be sluggish for some time to come. To ensure solid economic recovery, Summers said, “That’s why the President’s emphasis on healthcare, the  President’s emphasis on infrastructure, the President’s emphasis, in particular, on restructuring the energy economy, aren’t luxuries to be deferred at a time when we have a weak economy. They are actually an integral part of a strategy for having a different kind, a more sustained kind, of economic expansion. That really needs to be our objective so, that these next years are not just a period of recovery but a period of renewal as well.”

Excerpts from Event

“. . .every year that we do not have some kind of comprehensive healthcare reform is a year in which we have missed a chance to do something substantial to address the most rapidly growing component of labor costs. . .if we are able to start fixing the healthcare system, we will be able to get some combination of more competitive businesses and middle-income families with higher incomes, and both those things seem to me to be very desirable.” ~ The Honorable Lawrence H. Summers. Director, National Economic Council

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