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The Honorable John Boehner

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives | September 15, 2011
Outlined his vision for resolving the economic and jobs crisis gripping the country.

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner used his time at the Economic Club on September 15 to deliver a major speech outlining his vision of the course that must be adopted to resolve the economic and job crisis currently gripping the country.  In his remarks, Speaker Boehner focused on a theme of liberating “America’s economy from government policies that are stifling private-sector job creation.”  He also attacked what he deemed “short-term fixes and gimmicks that are labeled ‘job creation’ by politicians, but which actually impede economic growth.”  The Speaker gave this speech just one week after President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to present his plan for confronting the same challenges.

Excerpts from Event

 “America is a land of opportunity. Always has been.  Our economy has always been built on opportunity. . .on entrepreneurs, innovators and risk-takers willing to take a chance -- because they're confident if they work hard, they can succeed. Over the past few years, government has made people less confident -- not more confident -- that they can succeed.” ~ The Honorable John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House of Representatives

"Our economy is facing a broad-based, systemic crisis. As such, it will require everyone coming to the table with their best ideas first and leaving politics at the door, with the courage to listen to each other's critiques and questions. It means ending the name-calling, the yelling, and the questioning of others' motives. Leadership is about ending that nonsense, buckling down, and getting to work.” ~ The Honorable John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House of Representatives

"We all know the economy is stalled, and it's been stalled. And it's not because the American people have lost their way. It's because their government has let them down. There's a fundamental misunderstanding of the economy that leads to a lot of bad decisions in Washington, D.C. The reality is that employers will hire if they have the right incentives, but the incentives have to outweigh the costs. Businesses are not going to hire someone for a $4,000 tax credit if government mandates impose long-term costs on them that significantly exceed the temporary credit. In recent years, such mandates have been overwhelming. Private-sector job creators of all sizes have been pummeled by decisions made in Washington. They've been slammed by uncertainty from the constant threat of new taxes, out-of-control spending, and unnecessary regulation from a government that is always micromanaging, meddling, and manipulating. They've been hurt by a government that offers short-term gimmicks rather than fundamental reforms that will encourage long-term economic growth. They've been hampered by a government that offers confusion to entrepreneurs and job creators when there needs to be clarity.” ~ The Honorable John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House of Representatives

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