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Chairman and President, The Trump Organization | December 15, 2014
Trump announced his interest in declaring his candidacy in the 2016 presidential election.

The Economic Club closed the first half of the 2014-2015 season with a blockbuster dinner event featuring Donald J. Trump, Chairman and President of The Trump Organization, on December 15. More than 600 members and guests attended the dinner, the largest number of attendees ever for a Signature Event. Mr. Trump shared with the crowd details of the remaking of the Old Post Office into a 300-room luxury hotel.

Excerpts from Event

This was a ... request for proposal [to redevelop the Old Post Office building]. It was really about concept almost more importantly than price. They [the General Services Administration, GSA] wanted to make sure a lot of jobs would be provided so some people [proposed] it as an office building. ... it was the highest, the most sought after piece of property in the history of the GSA. ... We put up a fantastic proposal to do one of the great hotels of the world. ... The building is magnificent ... Some people think it's their favorite building in Washington. ... They chose us because of the fact that I was able to easily get it done. We have a great [financial] statement. We have a great track record. And importantly, the concept of the hotel puts more people to work than any other concept.

Four years ago, I was leading in the polls. I was beating everybody in the polls. ... I love what I do. I would rather do what I'm doing than run for President. But I also love the country more. I just think that unless I see somebody that's outstanding, I would very much be inclined to do it.

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