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Brian L. Roberts

Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation | March 21, 2013
Roberts presented an overview of the futures of NBCUniversal, Comcast, and the media industry.

A demonstration of Comcast’s new X1 Cloud-based on-demand service and interactive guide was a highlight of an appearance at the Economic Club by Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation. In a discussion with Club President Rubenstein, Mr. Roberts talked about such topics as the growth and history of Comcast, his personal career, and the future of the media industry. He also discussed the future of NBC Universal under Comcast management and the value of Comcast’s multi-billion dollar investment in the 2016 Olympics.

Excerpts from Event

“. . . the way we’ll be successful 10 or 20 years from now is all about who works for the company – really, as boring as that sounds.  . . . This is the most exciting company. You can work on ‘Saturday Night Live’ one day and strategic planning on interactive television another. Look at global news and be at the center of reporting or have the scale, with a thousand software engineers, to help lead the conversation and the consumer to where they can and may want to go. It’s a very special time for the company.” ~ Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation

“. . . click the XFINITY button [on a television remote], up comes a guide.  . . . this guide is the first guide in the history of the company that is happening in the Cloud. We call it X1.  . . . We’re beginning to personalize and innovate . . . [the guide into] a mixture of On Demand content, live TV, DVR content. . . . We merged all the databases so it’s easy for the consumer to get any content they want anytime they want, whether it’s on now or not.  . . . we’re building in voice navigation, which we’ve launched on an iPhone, which we hope to launch on our next generation remote.  . . . if I say, “what should I watch,” based on your settings and your DVR and your preferences, it [brings] up recommendations for you.  . . . customers I think are excited. It’s a different experience. It’s a different kind of remote. There’s real innovation. The cycle time for that innovation is speeding up. And all of that is because we’re at this cross section of media and technology.” ~ Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation

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