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2012 Election Panel

Mike Allen, Charlie Cook, Chris Wallace & Judy Woodruff | October 11, 2012

This year’s presidential election was the theme of the Economic Club’s October meeting. President David Rubenstein moderated a panel discussion of expert political observers. Participants were Mike Allen, Chief White House Correspondent, Politico; Charlie Cook, Editor and Publisher, The Cook Political Report; Chris Wallace, Anchor, “Fox News Sunday”, and Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent, “PBS NewsHour”. Discussion topics included predictions of the outcome of the election in terms of popular and electoral college votes, potential impact of the evening’s vice presidential candidate debate, and whether control of the House of Representatives and the Senate would change parties.

Excerpts from Event

“. . . do we want money to be that big a factor in American politics? . . . I think it’s a much bigger factor in the Senate and the congressional races, where money can completely tilt the outcome, because the folks running are just not as well-known. I think in the Presidential, there are just so many other factors at play. It’s not that money isn’t important at all; I just don’t think it’s the most important.” ~ Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent, “PBS News Hour”

“. . . We think that whoever gets the White House will get the Senate. Today you would say the favorite is President Obama; today you would say Democrats are likely to keep the Senate. If Governor Romney, who has a very narrow path when you look state by state – if Governor Romney wins the Presidency, that will mean that there’s a wave behind him, that there’s some lift to him. And that will bring in a couple of these Senate candidates enough to put them one over.” ~ Mike Allen, Chief White House Correspondent, Politico

 “. . . the White House is assuming that if the President’s re-elected, he’s dealing with a Republican House of Representatives.” ~ Judy Woodruff, Co-anchor and Managing Editor, “PBS News Hour”

President Rubenstein: "...if Romney is not elected, who will be the presumptive nominee for the Republicans in 2016? Is Paul Ryan the presumptive, then? Or it’s too early to say?"  Mr. Allen: "He’s going to have to fight Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for it. . . . Marco Rubio had a fantastic convention. He’s a great speaker. They seem to be the clear two front-runners. But there’s a long bench. We think that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey will also go for it. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, already fighting for it, already working for it." ~ Mike Allen, Chief White House Correspondent, Politico


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